Never seen before photo of Cynthia ! I looOOooove it !
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December 12, 1980 - A 17 year old Julian and his mom Cynthia leave their home for an undiscosed location after John’s death. Zak Starkey is right behind them. Cyn was actually spending some time at Maureen's house when she received a call from Ringo, saying John was dead.


1966, Coming back from their holiday in Trinidad & Tobago


Singer Lynsey De Paul died of a brain haemorrhage yesterday, at age 64. She was once a girlfriend of Ringo, during the 70s. Her death was very unexpected as she didn't drink or smoke and was a vegetarian. For more info (x)


Jane in a japanese magazine

Linda's pics for 76 - Those pictures were included in a calendar.


1968, Jane & Paul pose for Ringo's camera (Ringo took pics of every Beatle couple for Hunter Davies' bio of the boys). Martha the sheepdog & the cat with the unknown name (does anyone know ?!) are featured too ! Sadly, Jane would announce their separation of July 20th of the same year.