February 17, 1966 - Ringo and Maureen with John and Cynthia sampling the buffet table at the Saville Theatre after watching Brian Epstein’s directorial debut in the play, A Smashing Day, by Alan Plater at the New Arts Theatre. 
1964, Cynthia at the Foyles luncheon that was organized for John's book, 
In His Own Write.

August 1967, Pregnant Maureen, Zak and Ringo having fun in the backyard of their estate, 
Sunny Heights. Maureen has a cigarette in her hand. My, how times have changed !
August 9, 1967 - George and Pattie at New York’s JFK airport en route to London after their trip to California. Alex Mardas can be seen in the background.


November 6, 1966 - John and Cynthia about to board the airport bus at Heathrow upon their arrival back from Malaga, Spain.
May 26, 1964 - Cynthia and John at Heathrow Airport, home from their holiday in Tahiti.
December 12th, 1969 - The Starkeys at a premiere