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Never seen before photo of Cynthia ! I looOOooove it !
Posted by little-willow.

December 12, 1980 - A 17 year old Julian and his mom Cynthia leave their home for an undiscosed location after John’s death. Zak Starkey is right behind them. Cyn was actually spending some time at Maureen's house when she received a call from Ringo, saying John was dead.


1966, Coming back from their holiday in Trinidad & Tobago


Cynthia shows off her wedding ring


February 22, 1964 - Stills of Cyn & John (& Eppy !) in a bus after arriving in London.
From MrEpstein


1967, Attending a Beach Boys concert in Paris. God, I hate Magic Alex so much.


1965, John & Cyn photographed in their garden by Henry Grossman Robert Whitaker.
1965, Cynthia photographed by Henry Grossman Robert Whitaker in the gardens of Kenwood.


May 22, 1965, The Beatles & their girls (minus Jane) leave Austria. 
The boys were filming Help ! there.


Article from a 1960s gossip article. So, regarding the girls, they were right about John, Paul and George but not Ringo !


1967, John, Cyn & Julian get back from Greece (+ close-up)


Scanned by yours truly :)


1964, John & Cyn hanging out in Miami :)


Signed by Cynthia for a fan named Dan. (A Twist of Lennon is the name of her first book). This is when Cyn & John attended a Foyles’ luncheon for John’s book,In His Own Write (1964). Oh and by the way, this even was 50 years ago TODAY :O Can you believe it ?


1968, The Lennon family (Cynthia, Julian, John & dog Bernard) shot by amateur photographer Ringo Starr. Ringo took photos of all the Beatle families for Hunter Davies' biography of The Beatles. 
I have never seen this particular picture in such high quality. Notice how Julian is holding the hand of his daddy :) Sadly, their dog died after less than a year :(


October 1967, John and Cyn (not pictured) at the How I won the war premiere and at the London Motor Show the same month (first two photos).


August 1967, Attending a lecture by the Maharishi in Bangor, Wales.


October 17, 1967 - Cynthia and John at the New London Synagogue for Brian Epstein’s memorial service
Photo found by me and info by truthaboutthebeatlesgirls